Appetizer, soups, salads


russian appetizer served with brown bread, ginger raw salad and potato dumplings, pickled cucumber and onion

Proletariat  6.90

ham „à la russ", marinated mushrooms and sugar snap peas in bacon

– real russian: with 4cl vodka 9.90

Peasantry (vegetarian) 5.90

aubergine spread, pickled carrots and tomato coriander salad

– real russian: with 4cl vodka 8.90

Intelligentsia 7.90

boiled egg with salmon caviar, hering-tartar and home marinated salmon, tuna ciabatta graduated with cheese

– real russian: with 4cl vodka 10.90

Collective (for 2 persons) 12.90

large mixed plate with a selection of Proletariat, Peasantry and Intelligentsia

– real russian: with 10cl vodka (Sto Gramm) 18.90

SOUPS served with bread

Borshch (vegetarian) with beetroot, beans and sour cream 5.80

Solyanka with smoked meat, sausages, olives and sour cream 5.80

Sauerkraut soup 5.00

– with dumplings 5.80

– with Bacon 5.80


our special salad 11.00

combination of chicken strips, parmesan, croutons, served with fried egg and spicy dressing

Georgien 12.50

salad with gratinated goat cheese (vegetarian) with berry vinaigrette

Odessa 12.50

salad with steamed salmon fillet, parmesan chips, avocado, horseradish vinaigrette

Kaukasus 12.50

salad with calf, baby spinach, celery, avocado, cherry tomatoes and homemade vinaigrette