Main Courses

„Golubzi” (vegetarian)9.80

wrapped buckwheat and vegetables, with savoy cabbage, topped with feta cheese served with our homemade tomato sauce

„Chebureki” 11.50

large homemade stuffed dumplings filled with minced lamb and coriander, served with salad, herb yoghurt and a spicy dip

„Hatschipuri” (vegetarian) 11.50

large homemade fried dumplings stuffed with 3 different kinds of cheese, served with salad, herb yoghurt and a spicy dip

„Tiflis” 11.50

mix from Chebureki and Hatschipuri with herbal yoghurt and a spicy dip

Russian-Burger (with homemade minced beef) 11.50

with fresh salad, marinated onions, gherkins and homemade sauce, served with fried potatoes

„Tschachochbili” 11.50

braised chicken in a tomato-onion sauce, flavored with red wine and coriander, served with garlic bread

Steak „Kiev” 12.50

Schweinenackensteak, eingelegt in Wodkamarinade, serviert mit Kartoffelecken und Salat

Wareniki „Sochi Olymp“ 13.50

fried dumplings with spicy sweet potato and cheese filling, served with chicken breast stripes and bacon on a pea-lime sauce

Beef Stroganoff 15.50

beef in delicate porcini mushroom-sauce, served with home made potato pancakes

„Datscha” 16.50

marinated calf steak served with a green vegetable variation and fried dumplings filled with mashed potatos

Steamed salmon fillet  15.50

on fried dumplings stuffing with spinach in a white wine cream sauce