Celebrate Christmas with us!

Delicious Christmas menu for pre-order. Available from 01.11. till 23.12. (24/25/26.12. closed) 

First course

  • Deer broth with Russian dumplings
  • or
  • Porcini mushroom soup with parmesan crisps
  • or
  • Beetroot soup (vegan, gluten-free)

Second course 

  • Pancake with trout mousse & caviar
  • or
  • Potato pancake with eggplant ragout & parmesan
  • or
  • Baby spinach, avocado, orange filet & goat cheese (vegetarian) 
  • or
  • Eggplant rolls filled with mashed chickpeas, on Beluga lentils (vegan, gluten-free)

Third course

  • Duck leg, Williams pear & port wine sauce
  • or
  • Steamed salmon with green vegetables & shrimp-thyme sauce
  • or
  • Baked goat cheese & porcini mushroom risotto (vegetarian)
  • or
  • Dumplings with beetroot plum filling, walnuts & cilantro (vegan)

Fourth course

  • Cinnamon plum ice cream on Prosecco 
  • or
  • Apple strudel in a glass with cherry sauce
  • or
  • Marzipan apple ball (gluten-free, vegan)
  • or
  • Pancake with almond curd & cherry sauce

3 courses: 32,00 €

4 courses: 37,00 €

Drinks are not included.

Please note: this menu must be pre-ordered at least 48h in advance and in case of a group larger than 10 persons this menu has to be pre-ordered 4 working days in advance. The preorder is binding, and changes can not be made.

You have to use for the pre-order the following mail address: reservierung@gorki-park.de