Gorki Park Lunch

Monday, 09.12 till Friday, 13.12 / 12 - 16 Uhr / € 9,00

Including a cup of Russian tee, coffee or juice spritzer 0,2l


  • sweet potato coconut soup
  • fried dumplings stuffed with beef and cilantro, tomato sauce OR
  • crepes stuffed with spinach and cheese, sour cream
  • mixed salad, lentils
  • cinnamon raisin pudding


  • pointed cabbage kohlrabi soup
  • pork schnitzel, mushroom sauce, fried potatoes OR
  • eggplant schnitzel, mushroom sauce, fried potatoes
  • baby spinach salad, peanuts
  • gingerbread, amaretto curd 


  • tomato thyme soup
  • turkey fricassee, vegetable rice OR
  • green cabbage pasta, parmesan
  • arugula, papaya
  • baked apple, cranberries


  • vegetable bouillon with stripes of veal OR egg
  • fishcake, horseradish creme sauce OR
  • goat cheese coated with eggs, mashed pumpkin
  • romaine lettuce salad, tomatoes
  • mocha marzipan curd 


  • tuna caper creme soup
  • beef meatball, green herb sauce, mashed potatoes OR
  • vegetable lentil ragout, mashed potatoes
  • iceberg lettuce, baby mozzarella
  • pastry cake, raspberry sauce