Café-Bar Gorki Park

When GORKI PARK Café-Bar first opened its doors, this part of town was a far cry from the «megahip» locality it has become today. Despite the veteran status and the highly sought-after «patina», GORKI PARK Café Bar has since acquired, we are still young at heart.

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Weinbergsweg 25
10119 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 - 448 72 86

Sunday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 1:00 am (kitchen till 23:00)
Friday – Saturday: 8:00 am – 3:00 am (kitchen till 24:00)


Gorki Park Café Bar artfully blends the historically country nature of the traditional Russian cuisine with the culinary innovations of today. Our seasonal menu is centered around exceptionally fresh regional ingredients.

Here is a selection of mouth-watering dishes found in our menu.

Monday till Sunday until 4:00 pm

Fidel (vegan) 6.50

chia seeds, soy milk, kiwi and raspberry sauce, served in a glass

Datscha (vegan) 6.90

quinoa, rocket salad, avocado, cherry tomatoes, roasted almonds and mango dressing, served in a glass

Kasha (vegan) 6.00

porridge with bananachips and blueberries

Oblepicha 6.50

crunchy cereal on organic yogurt, buckthorn, goji berries

Borodino 4.00

2 mini croissant, homemade jam, fruits, almond curd cheese und butter

Blintschiki (russian pancakes) 6.00

with homemade jam, fruits and sour cream or with fruits, melted dark chocolate

Sirniki (russian curd pancakes) 6.00

with homemade jam, fruits and sour cream

Kolchos (peasants breakfast) 6.90

organic scrambled eggs with russian sausage, fried potatoes, pickled cucumbers, butter and bread basket

Vegetarian blini rolls 7.90

with herb cream cheese, eggplant spread, scrambled eggs, avocado, goat cream cheese, fruit, curd pancakes, jam, butter and a breadbasket

Gorki chicken fillet baked 7.90

with tomato and cheese, scrambled eggs, homemade russian ham, Jamón Serrano with honey melon, sugar snap peas in bacon, butter and a breadbasket

Black Sea home-marinated salmon 8.50

potato dumplings, scrambled eggs with fresh herbs, tuna ciabatta graduated with cheese, blini rolls with salmon caviar, minced herring, butter and a breadbasket

Worker and Farmer (for 2 persons) 16.00

home-marinated salmon, potato dumplings, scrambled eggs with fresh herbs, avocado, goat cream cheese, curd pancakes, blini rolls with herb cream cheese, eggplant spread, fruit, jam, butter and a breadbasket


Russkaja Sakuska

Proletariat  6.90

ham „à la russ", marinated mushrooms and sugar snap peas in bacon

– real russian: with 4cl vodka 9.90

Peasantry (vegetarian) 5.90

aubergine spread, pickled carrots and tomato coriander salad

– real russian: with 4cl vodka 8.90

Intelligentsia 7.90

boiled egg with salmon caviar, hering-tartar and home marinated salmon, tuna ciabatta graduated with cheese

– real russian: with 4cl vodka 10.90

Collective (for 2 persons) 12.90

large mixed plate with a selection of Proletariat, Peasantry and Intelligentsia

– real russian: with 10cl vodka (Sto Gramm) 18.90


Main Courses

„Golubzi” (vegetarian)9.80

wrapped buckwheat and vegetables, with savoy cabbage, topped with feta cheese served with our homemade tomato sauce

„Chebureki” 11.50

large homemade stuffed dumplings filled with minced lamb and coriander, served with salad, herb yoghurt and a spicy dip

„Hatschipuri” (vegetarian) 11.50

large homemade fried dumplings stuffed with 3 different kinds of cheese, served with salad, herb yoghurt and a spicy dip

„Tiflis” 11.50

mix from Chebureki and Hatschipuri with herbal yoghurt and a spicy dip

Russian-Burger (with homemade minced beef) 11.50

with fresh salad, marinated onions, gherkins and homemade sauce, served with fried potatoes

„Tschachochbili” 11.50

braised chicken in a tomato-onion sauce, flavored with red wine and coriander, served with garlic bread

Steak „Kiev” 12.50

Schweinenackensteak, eingelegt in Wodkamarinade, serviert mit Kartoffelecken und Salat

Wareniki „Sochi Olymp“ 13.50

fried dumplings with spicy sweet potato and cheese filling, served with chicken breast stripes and bacon on a pea-lime sauce

Beef Stroganoff 15.50

beef in delicate porcini mushroom-sauce, served with home made potato pancakes

„Datscha” 16.50

marinated calf steak served with a green vegetable variation and fried dumplings filled with mashed potatos

Steamed salmon fillet  15.50

on fried dumplings stuffing with spinach in a white wine cream sauce

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